From Chapter 1 of Saint Josemaría Escrivá’s book The Way: Character


Will-power. Energy. Example. What has to be done is done … without wavering … without worrying about what others think.

Otherwise, Cisneros* would not have been Cisneros; nor Teresa of Ahumada, Saint Teresa (of Avila); nor Iñigo of Loyola, Saint Ignatius.

God and daring! Regnare Christum volumus! – “We want Christ to reign!”


“Nothing happens unless first a dream.” ~ Carl Sandburg

One of the most important things in this life to possess is a dream, followed by the capacity and daring to act upon it no matter what others may say. To that end, Williams Jennings Bryan once wrote:

The Bible tells of dreamers, and among the most conspicuous was Joseph. He told his dreams to his brothers, and his brothers hated him because of his dreams. One day when his father sent him out where his brothers were keeping their flocks in Dothan, they saw him coming afar off and said: “Behold, the dreamer cometh.” They plotted to kill him—and he is not the only dreamer who has been plotted against in this old world. But finally they decided that instead of killing him they would put him down in a pit; but some merchants were passing that way, and the brothers decided to sell him to the merchants, and the merchants carried Joseph down into Egypt.

Time went on and the brothers had almost forgotten the dreamer Joseph. But a famine came—yes a famine—and then they had to go down into Egypt, and buy corn, and when they got there, they found the dreamer—and he had the corn. So I decided that it was not so bad after all for one to be a dreamer—if one has the corn.

But the more I thought of the dreamer’s place in history, the less I felt entitled to the distinction. John Boyle O’Reilly says that: “The dreamer lives forever, while the toiler dies in a day.”

In traveling through Europe you find great cathedrals. An architect had a vision of a temple of worship and he put that vision upon paper. Then the builders began, and they laid stone upon stone and brick upon brick, until finally the temple was completed—completed sometimes centuries after the dreamer’s death. And people now travel from all corners of the world to look upon the temple, and the name of the dreamer is known while the names of the toilers are forgotten.


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*Cisneros (1436-1517): Spanish cardinal, regent of the Throne of Spain and confessor of Queen Isabella the Catholic. Cardinal Cisneros started the reform of the Church in Spain, anticipating what years later the Council of Trent would start for all Christendom. His courage and strength of character were widely known.

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