…and so now I’ve decided I’ll do some blogging over here. Where we go is anyone’s guess but I welcome one and all along for the journey.

Last April Heather King wrote:

I’ve been thinking about how our job as artists is not to moralize, but rather to create excellent work. The telling of a good story, the writing of a great play, the composition of a beautiful piece of music is a good in and of itself.

That struck a chord with me as I realized I was losing my way as a writer and as someone who enjoys the creative process. I had stopped telling stories. I had begun instead to lecture. Perhaps it was the inner me who still wanted to aspire to be a college professor. More likely it was my growing frustration with the state of the world.

In any event I had stopped telling stories. Stories are what unite us. They teach us lessons, both good and bad. They are the lifeblood of civilization and from them comes wisdom.

While I’m not a great storyteller by any stretch of the imagination I am capable of spinning a good yarn now and then. I aim to find that place buried inside me once more.

Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge; where is the knowledge we have lost in information? ~ T. S. Eliot